DNA Workshop will have Online Registration!

DNA Workshop Registration Update

“Genetically Speaking: a DNA Workshop” with Mary Eberle on Sat., October 13, 2018

New development:  Registration now open & you can register online! Go to  www.manitowoclibrary.org  Then click event banner to find the registration form. Or go directly to http://www.manitowoclibrary.org/dna/

Scroll down this page for more information on the DNA Workshop, or go to www.manitowoclibrary.org or Manitowoc Public Library on Facebook.

Upcoming Manitowoc County Genealogical Meeting

Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 6:00 p.m. in the Balkansky Room at Manitowoc Public Library, 707 Quay St., Manitowoc, WI.

Program:  “Stories from Stats:  Turning Genealogy into Family History”, a recorded presentation by Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, MA.  Learn how to turn your genealogy information into family history stories that grab the interest of your non-genealogist family & friends.

Jean Wilcox Hibben; PhD, MA (DBA Circlemending), has been involved in family research for over 40 years.  A former Board Certified genealogist, she is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the National Genealogical Society (NGS), and is or has been on the following Boards:  the California State Genealogical Alliance (now disbanded), the Genealogical Speakers Guild, the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors, the So. Calif. Chapter of the Assoc. of Professional Genealogists (current President and past APG board member), and the Corona Genealogical Society (President and webmaster). She maintains her own website with information about her presentations, CDs, articles, projects, etc.: www.circlemending.org.  Jean is associated with the Corona California Family History Center (former director, current staff trainer); she was the lead researcher for the 2013 Season of the PBS television program Genealogy Roadshow and did research for Follow Your Past, appearing on Travel Channel 2016.  A native of the Chicago suburbs and retired college speech professor, she holds a master’s degree in speech communication and doctorate in folklore. Jean is a national speaker known for her entertaining, as well as informative, presentations, and is a frequent writer for various genealogy publications.  With Gena Philibert –Ortega and Sara Cochran, they form Genealogy Journeys®, hosting genealogy events and a series of podcasts (launched in 2016), dealing with Social History. Their blog is http://genaandjean.blogspot.com where information on both of these endeavors can be found. A former square dance caller, Jean has been playing guitar for about 50 years, learning a variety of other folk instruments along the way. She sees a connection between family history and music because, in learning about our forebears, we try to piece together the various elements of our ancestors’ lives in an effort to create a complete (or as complete as possible) picture of who they were in their homes, families, occupations, religions, and activities. Their musical interests/involvement should be considered part of this whole picture, or circle, of their lives and that is the primary focus of much of her writings. Jean’s philosophy is that “who we are is a compilation of our experiences and associations as well as our biological connections. When we understand our ancestors we can better understand ourselves. By doing this, we can complete our personal family circles.” This connects to her mission statement: “My goal is to assist others in their efforts to connect generations (past to present), completing the family circle.”

Manitowoc Public Library & Manitowoc County Genealogical Society co-sponsor a DNA Workshop!

 “Genetically Speaking: DNA Workshop” with Mary Eberle

Saturday, October 13, 2018, 9:00am -2:30pm, Balkansky Community Room ABC  Manitowoc Public Library, 707 Quay St., Manitowoc, WI                                                       DNA Workshop & lunch provided for free.  Registration Required.

Registration now open! starts September 1, 2018Register by calling (920-686-3010) or stopping by Manitowoc Public Library service desk. (No email or mail registrations–sorry.)  Space limited to 100. DNA Workshop Registration Update: New development:  You will be able to register online!  Go to  www.manitowoclibrary.org  Click event banner to find the registration form. Or go directly to http://www.manitowoclibrary.org/dna/

Join Mary Eberle, an experienced genealogist and DNA expert, for a workshop to help you understand your DNA results.  This workshop is designed for beginners, but also covers more advanced topics.  Presentations include:

1. Introduction to Using DNA for Genealogy Research: This talk covers DNA basics, available tests, and how to develop your DNA testing plan.
2. Using Autosomal DNA for Genealogy Research: Autosomal DNA provides the most useful information for most genealogists. Learn how to analyze your test results and find common ancestors with your DNA matches.
3. Using Y-DNA, Mitochondrial DNA, and X-DNA for Genealogy Research: Understanding when these types of DNA can help (and when they won’t) is crucial. Learn how these types of DNA can be used to answer your genealogy questions.

4. Hands-on Exercise: This exercise will go through interpreting one person’s DNA results from Ancestry. Learn some tricks for clarifying and making the most of your DNA test results.

About Mary Eberle:
Mary Eberle – Owner of DNA Hunters, LLC
Mary Eberle is an experienced genealogist and a DNA expert. She’s a former patent attorney with extensive DNA experience.  Mary began her work in the field of DNA research 30 years ago.  She developed DNA tests to match transplant donors and recipients.  She wrote and published many scientific papers on this work and presented at scientific conferences.
She honed her writing and communication skills during her subsequent work as a biotech patent attorney.  She has 13 years of writing complex patent applications and corresponding with clients.  After leaving the practice of law, Mary participated in many genealogy workshops, including: CeCe Moore’s Advanced Genetic Genealogy for Unknown Parentage at the Forensic Genealogy Institute (2015 and 2016), Angie Bush’s Advanced DNA Analysis Techniques for Genealogical Research at SLIG (2016).  This background contributed to her successful genetic genealogy practice, which offers several services.

Registration now open! starts September 1, 2018.  I have attended some of Mary Eberle’s DNA Workshops and can attest that they are very informative & well done.  If you would like to know some general information on the workshop feel free to send me your questions & I’ll try and answer them.  MCGS1745@live.com   A listing of the event is also on the Library website at:    http://www.manitowoclibrary.org/   >  Events    >   October